LBL Excavation & Trucking

A One-Stop Shop for all your Construction Needs, Providing Commercial & Residential Services to Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

LBL is known for its attention to detail and overall superior workmanship. With our fleet of heavy equipment, we can handle any job thrown our way.

LBL Excavation & Trucking

Serving the Ottawa West Communities

Located just off County Rd 29, LBL Excavation & Trucking is in the prime location to help its locals and neighbouring towns. We are a client focused company whose dreams are as big as yours.

We offer a wide array of services including excavation and demolition, as well as providing aggregates like sand and topsoil to the community. We also offer equipment rentals for excavation & site preparation needs.

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Septic Systems

Material Transport

Mobile Field Services

Landscape Depot

Bin Rentals

Heavy Equipment Rentals

LBL Excavation & Trucking

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