Demolition Services Ottawa

Full Scale Demolition Services

Tired of looking at that old shed? Need to make your man cave just a little bit bigger? LBL’s got you covered! We have experienced operators, specialized equipment, and expertise in the demolition industry. We’ll be on site safely dismantling your building and clearing the site to make way for the new. When we’re done, the only thing left will be the space for your dreams to come true. Explore our demolition services Ottawa today!

Demolition Services Ottawa

Our Demolition is as easy as 1-2-3!

1- Know before you demo:

Before we start your project, you’ll need to obtain a permit through your respective municipality. Don’t have your locates yet? No problem! Part of our process is to make sure we have clearance authorization from utilities. We need to confirm that the services are either not obstructing or need to be disconnected before we begin. For more info, you can give us a call or visit the sites below!

2- Proper Safety & Planning:

We pride ourselves on safety, quality and commitment. That’s why we believe in planning ahead as much as possible. We ensure that all city/municipality requirements are met, which includes LBL being fully insured and WSIB compliant. A timely and effective demolition is what we strive for to get you to the next phase of your vision.

3- Fast and Effective Waste Removal:

Whether we’re using one of our dump-trucks or one of our bins, we ensure all waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. In certain situations we can also repurpose material pulled from demolition jobs. With raw material, we can even recycle some of the materials back in our yard with our Crusher and Screener! Click here to find out how. (link to our mobile services page)

Securing a Permit for your Demolition Project

Like all things’ construction, demolition requires permits. For more information on how to secure the proper permits in your area, visit our location resources here!

Municipality of Mississippi Mills

Town of Carleton Place

The Town of Arnprior

Do you need to rent a dumpster for your demolition?

Look no further than LBL Excavation & Trucking. We have a variety of bins for you to choose from.

Demolition Services Ottawa

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