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There’s a reason we have “Excavation” in our name! By choosing LBL for your Excavation and Land Clearing projects, you’re choosing a group of hardworking people. We also have access to the best tools and equipment for the job. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we take care of your excavation services Ottawa!

Every Excavation Project Requires its Own Technique

We can help you excavate just about anything. When you work with our experienced operators, you are guaranteed a professional and quality service. Here are some of our most popular excavation services Ottawa!

Lot Clearing and Site Preparation

Have a smaller lot that needs clearing? Preparing for a new construction? Let us help! We clear various sizes of lots with shallow depth to provide a clean slate for your upcoming project.

Basement Digs

If you’re building a house with a basement, there’s a lot of material that needs to be removed. We have all the equipment needed to haul away the excess sand, soil, and rock to get you ready for your new build.

Rock Breaking (Hoe-Ram)

Bedrock isn’t easy to dig through! Our excavators have a hoe ram attachment to break through rock and hard materials. Not sure if there’s bed rock on your property? A simple test pit can determine the existence, grade, or extent of the minerals in your projected space.

Driveways and Lane ways

With a little bit of planning, we can extend lane ways or create brand-new roads. Before the work starts, we’ll need to do a few site visits and get surveys done to ensure proper placement. Once we get the go ahead, it’s all systems go!

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Excavation Services Ottawa

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