Ottawa Landscape Depot

LBL’s Landscaping Depot

Our Ottawa landscape depot is located right on site at 6040 County Rd 29 outside of Almonte. We service the Ottawa Valley and offer delivery in three different zones around the city. You can also pick up directly on site, we just asked that you call ahead!

Our Landscape Depot Products & Prices:

Products Tonne/Yard

Granular A
(7/8" 0-19mm)

Current Price: $40

Granular M
(5/8" 0-16mm)

Current Price: $40

Stone Dust

Current Price: $35

Pea Stone

Current Price: $120

Clear Stone
(3/4" 19mm) & 1"

Current Price: $45

2" Crushed Rock (Granular B)

Current Price: $35

4" Crushed Rock
(Granular B)

Current Price: $35

Residential Screened Top Soil

Current Price: $35

River Rock

Current Price: $125

Hydro Sand

Current Price: $35

Triple Mix

Current Price: $100

Mushroom Compost

Current Price: $50

Black/Red Mulch

Current Price: $55

Request MAterial

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us to inquire about other materials!

Our Landscape Depot Delivery Zones

Please review our map for delivery prices.

Ottawa Landscape Depot

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