The Man behind The Brand

Chad is a 3rd generation contractor with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. From his humble beginnings in Deep River, he moved to Ottawa in 2012 to expand his growing business. His dedication to his work is unmatched and is reflected in everything he does. Although the focus on getting the job done is always a top priority, building strong connections with the people he meets is just as important as building a new roadway to your dream home.

Our Mission Statement

At LBL, we strive to grow and support our local communities. Whether you’re tearing down an old barn or building a new road, we’re here to provide exceptional services at competitive prices.

Core Values


Well priced products and services for our local client base. We’re here for you.


Big or small, we are committed to get the job done!


We are nothing without our people! Skill, dedication, and attention to detail is imperative in our workers.


We’re constantly looking to gain a competitive edge with updated tools, technology, and education.

Working With The Community

Being leaders in our community starts with helping those closest to home.

Here at LBL, we believe that a little goes a long way. Sourcing in our area whenever possible not only supports local businesses, but it also means we’re invested in its people. We want to see our community thrive, and we’ll be there to help make that happen. There’s no extra cost to being a good neighbour!